What is ARMHS?

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) are mental health services which are rehabilitative and enable you to develop and enhance life skills that have been affected by symptoms of mental illness.

How can ARMHS help you in your mental health recovery?

ARMHS staff can instruct, assist, and support the skills you are looking for to overcome barriers in your life that are created as a result of mental illness.

There are several skills areas that ARMHS addresses:

  • communication skills
  • crisis assistance
  • relapse prevention
  • health care directives
  • budgeting and shopping skills
  • healthy lifestyle skills and practices
  • cooking and nutrition skills
  • mental illness symptom management skills
  • household management skills and employment-related skills

How are ARMHS services provided?

ARMHS services can be provided at your home, in the community, or at our office. Services can facilitated individually or in a small group settings. You set a schedule that works for you and your ARMHS provider throughout the month.

Who is eligible and how can you sign up for services?

ARMHS is offered for people who are 18 years or older, have completed a Diagnostic Assessment, have a mental health diagnosis (or a traumatic brain injury), and whose functioning is impaired due to the effects of a mental health diagnosis.  Insurance, Medical Assistance, Medica, IMCARE, MNCARE, pays for ARMHS services.  Northland Counselling Center Inc. offer’s ARMHS services in Itasca County, Aitkin County and Cass County.

Contact Staff

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